Interview with Confidence

Are you a student, 1st-time interviewer, or someone who would like to strengthen your interview skills? Well, don't let the stress of interview preparation add to your list of worries. In 6 steps we will guide you virtually on how to interview with confidence in under 15 minutes!
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About This Product:

Have you ever felt scared or overwhelmed to prepare for a job interview and show up with confidence? Are you trying to balance responsibilities, personal time, and now interviewing for a job? Let's face it, interviewing can be stressful. 

We've all been there! Imagine feeling confident and fully prepared to interview, and knowing exactly how to maintain that feeling...

With this course, I will walk you through 6 steps to develop the level of confidence you need to soar in your interview! 

Here's exactly what you'll discover when you enroll today:

  1. How to prepare for your interview
  2. Proven successful questions and statements delivered by YOU
  3. How to interview with confidence 
  4. How to make a positive, lasting impression
  5. Lifelong effective presentation and communication skills while maintaining confidence

Our interview coaching strategies successfully prepare you for your interview and are taught virtually through:

    • Video tutorials (each video is under 30 seconds in length)
    • Step - by - step guides to follow
    • Effective questions to ask during the interview
    • Interview questions with tips on how to answer
    • Summary of program highlights to refer to
    • Free bonus tool to organize and track your job applications
    • Free bonus thank you note templates to email to your interviewer


Program Details

Part One: All About You
Available Now

Track Your Applications - here's how
Available Now

Step 1: Do Your Research
Available Now
Step 2: First Impressions are Lasting
Available Now
Step 3: Time to Shine
Available Now
Step 4: Show Time
Available Now
Step 5: Prepared Questions to Ask
Available Now
Step 6: The Thank You Note
Available Now

What Do People Think About This Program?


Christina Martins
May 11, 2023
Joshua Bobadilla
May 11, 2023
The videos are helpful and straight forward and are are not confusing or anything to follow. The website as well is organized and easy to navigate. Overall, as a student and new to the job industry, this makes preparing for a interview so much easier and less stressful. I found your videos helpful. Thanks!
Adam Walker
May 12, 2023
Very in-depth descriptions of all the significant aspects of an interview process and how to be successful during the process, very great walk-throughs that all people should watch before going through the interview process... I will definitely be using these techniques throughout my life with future interviews.
Andre Lim
May 20, 2023
The program had many useful tips and bits of information that were specific, but not too restrictive. This effectively allowed me to get proper guidance on various aspects of a successful interview while also giving me the room to interpret it in a way where I can express myself well. Overall, the information was very concise and useful, especially for someone that has had little to no experience with interviews. The lessons within this program are very easy to remember and refer to when needed. It was also very engaging, friendly, and motivating!
Samuel Adams
May 23, 2023
This program is very concise, easy to follow and makes the interview process a lot easier by giving you the necessary tools to apply. Would highly recommend to a friend.
Joshua Leveille
Jun 05, 2023
Very insightful. Thank you Christina!
Carly King
Jun 12, 2023
This program is easy to navigate with clear and concise information. There are a multitude of resources provided that help keep you on track. Organization is especially important for first-timers. This was definitely worth the time. I will be using this information in the future!
Dave Martilla
Jul 20, 2023
Great. Short and to the point!
Sophia Christina Houston
Jul 27, 2023
Great information! Simple and easy to remember.
Jessica Rascon
Aug 25, 2023
Jennifer Denson
Oct 02, 2023
Invaluable information! This course is so efficient, and provides such useful lifelong tools. I consider it a welcomed “homework” task preparing for my next interview with such a well-planned and attainable easy check-list Some of the BEST tools and advice I’ve come across. I especially found Step 5 to be such an asset and especially helpful. I am confident this course helps me stand apart from the average interviewee. I appreciate the examples and templates offered throughout the course to inspire my own words and personalization. A course to keep on hand, and one I can’t recommend enough. Thank you for your help and expert advice.
Christina Martins

MIG Career Coaching provides premier career coaching and interview strategies for career seekers across the globe amidst all businesses and industries. Clients of MIG Career Coaching benefit from our expert career and interview coaching techniques.
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Christina Martins graduated from California State University San Bernardino with a degree in Accounting while working for a regional CPA firm during her college years. Upon graduation, she began her talent acquisition career on Wall Street, NYC, with Robert Half International. Seven years into her career, Christina obtained her Masters Degree in Education where she put forth this knowledge towards designing and implementing strategic coaching focused on interviewing, recruiting, onboarding, employee retention, and professional branding strategies for her clients. She is known for possessing exceptional interpersonal skills and expertise in developing and maintaining advantageous working relationships. She is successful with candidate recruitment (of all levels in a timely manner), is a self-starter, and collaborates cohesively with all levels of associates and management in meeting corporate recruiting objectives. Her ethics, listening skills, business acumen, passion for recruitment, industry expertise, interpersonal skills and leadership capabilities have contributed to continued hiring success.


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